Night Walk on the River – 12/6/2015

san antonio

1st Annual Christmas Lights Night Walk on the River

At Christmas time, the historic streets and famous River Walk will treat you to dazzling displays and breathtaking holiday arrangements. The Starting Point is at the stately VFW Post 76, the oldest VFW Post in Texas. You can enjoy the serenity of the famous River Walk which will be lite by more than 6,000 bulbs.

San Antonio gives you millions of twinkling reasons to make this walking event your new holiday tradition.

This is a SUNDAY Night Walk with a 90-minute Start Window (5:30-7:00 pm). There will be NO CHECKPOINTS. There is a $3.00 participation fee. You do not have to be a club member to participate.

For those who are members: The Director, Southwest Region will stamp all record books IMMEDIATELY after you register and before you walk. Have all of your record books ready for stamping.

Enjoy the Christmas lights along the river without any time restraints. Have dinner or refreshments at one of the restaurants on the river.

The VFW Post 76 is located at 10th ST and Ave B. You are welcome to use the VFW Canteen to purchase an assortment of drinks, including hot chocolate, before and/or after you walk.

Bring a flashlight to read the Walk Directions (there will be a 3 mile or 6 mile option).


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